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Promote anything in seconds!

There are many ways to promote a business, some are more focused on text, and others on visuals. It is when both of those come together as an homogeneous unit, that the result can really push a message wider and further.

Professional digital posters offer that powerful combination in a quick and easy to create combo. That’s why they are being used more and more to promote businesses and services.
Posters bring together the best of both worlds. They are very visual, quickly attracting our attention, and at the same time blend the power of typography into the image, communicating the message deeper and faster.

There are different poster related online platforms around, some of them offering powerful design services, others special filter effects, some offer unique montage capabilities, and yet others allow you to market and showcase visuals through their platforms or pages.

What would be really ideal is to get all of that in one place, under one roof. One single online tool. One that was similar to a mixture of Pinterest, Instagram and a variety of Poster design tools, all of it provided in an SEO friendly context.

Even better and more attractive would be if we could use that tool without any need to register. And what if we could try it fully for free, hey, now that would be really great!

Well, a new platform all the way from california, dedicated to promote services, businesses, events, products and people, and that offers all of the above is What is so unique about this platform is that it brings so many different features together under one roof.

The first thing that stands out in is that you don’t need to register at all in order to use it. There is no register process whatsoever.
This saves a lot of time, not to mention not having to remember a password.

Next is that you don’t even need to pay anything to try all the features, the whole experience, beginning to end.

Another thing that stands out is how quickly and easily you can produce a great result in a short time thanks to its combination of ready to use templates and powerful design capabilities.

On the one hand, the interface allows you to design and produce posters interactively and online. There is nothing to download, nothing to install. You simply choose an image from your computer, pick an starting template and then either leave it as it is or start to modify it and work with its text and other parts of it, being able to change colors, sizes, typography, positions, alignment and other parts of the composition. You get 100% control and personalization capabilities throughout this design phase. You can go as simple and quick as you like, producing a poster in 10 seconds! Or as complex and detailed as you want, taking any number of minutes to refine the design in the direction you choose. You are in control.

On top of that, you have a range of visual effects, Instagram like, that you can apply to your poster. These include tinting, black and white, applying texture to the poster and others.

But that’s not all. Apart from the design and filtering effect capabilities, you can then select what is called the output magic. This is a montage treatment that will be applied to your poster when it is generated. In essence, your poster is combined very realistically with a location you choose. You can choose to make your poster appear as the cover of a fashion or business magazine on a magazine stack. Or at a cinema, an art galley, in the middle of a jungle, at the window display of a store and other locations. It is a great way to quickly get a sense of how your poster would look and feel in the real world.

Once you are happy with your design, you are asked to enter a few quick basic details such as a title, description and country, which will later be used to generate a personal web page showcasing your poster as well as help you and your business be found by audiences around the world.

After the Poster is generated you get for free the basic results. These include the poster itself in small size, another image with the montage you chose, and a link with your own SEO friendly personalized web page showcasing your Poster. If your poster is original, unique and follows Posterini’s terms, it may even be picked and promoted at the Posterini Wall for a limited time.

You can stop at this point, or get even more and better with the Posterini premium service, which offers quite a ride!. This very affordable premium service, which costs the equivalent of a sandwich or a coffee, gives you three important things to begin with. First, your digital poster will be re-generated but this time in huge size and quality, large enough for you to print it at any size you like or to use it for any purpose you may want.

Second, and very important for marketing purposes, you are able to specify a Web URLm any that you want, linking to your business or website. The personal Web page showcasing your poster will then showcase your web link so that visitors are able to reach your website from the page. Your SEO friendly personal web page, showcases and promotes your website and poster to search enginers and audiences around the world.

Now comes the other great feature of the premium option. Posterini has a Pinterest like wall platform that showcases posters approved but its editors. This wall platform offers different categories, including events, movies, publishing, services, music, sports, travel and others.

When you get the premium service, your poster automatically enters the editor’s queue. If the content of your poster is within the terms and guidelines of Posterini (the typical, no violence, no illegal anything and similar), your Poster will then be showcased at the Wall, including your web URL, meaning people can view your poster at the wall plus reach your website as well!

And there is even an extension of the premium service to have your poster and web showcased at the very top of the wall if you wish.

Now a side note here. If you choose not to use the premium service, It is important to download the basic poster and montage quickly, as without the premium service the webpage and images will last active for a limited time on the website.

Posterini is actually very conscious about our environment and planet and they tend to recycle and clean their servers on a regular basis, in order to decrease their energy footprint. Another cool feature of Posterini.

All in all, we have a very unique combination in here. You can combine design, effects and montage to produce awesome professional posters in top quality, which you can then promote through their own personalized SEO friendly web pages, plus a Pinterest like platform, both of them showcasing the URL link to your website, through which people can link from Posterini to your product or service.

And best of all is that you can try fully for free and without any register process and if you enjoy it you can get their premium full service for the cost of a sandwich or a coffee.

It is a novel and unique solution that combines creativity, design and marketing, promoting your business, services, events or yourself through image, text, the URL of your own website, a personalized page as well as a powerful wall platform.

A new unique friend to our creative marketing toolbox