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5 ways in which Augmented Clothing will change our lives in the future

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At Posterini we are working on different ways to augment the way we interact and wear our clothing. It is exciting times for all of those that believe in clothing as a new canvas to experiment with. Let’s review a few ways in which augmented design and augmented clothing can change your life.

Your second skin
Think of clothing as a protector, a buffer between you and the elements out there. Like the cell’s  membrane, like an interface between what’s in and what’s out. Working on that interface will allow us to measure, predict and act on parameters that can have a great impact on how you feel and even on your survival.

A new channel for transport and action
Your clothing is also a cocoon, able to augment the way you move, not only with data but also with all types of tech, like using micro-actuators that will be able to augment your actions as well.

An emotional display
Expressing ourselves emotionally has traditionally been constrained to our facial expressions and body gestures. Augmented clothing allows us to visually become an expression of our emotions, augmenting their impact on those around us.

A multisensory device
Augmented clothing is way more than just visual. Musical expression is embedded within it, touch sensors as well. It is an expansion of our senses.

It adapts to our context
We are used to constantly change clothes as we move from the street to home, to bed and to the balcony. Augmented clothing changes its properties to adapt to our environment.

The second law of thermodynamics and a new kind of washing maschine
Waste, disorder, we use clothing and it deteriorates. Augmented clothing takes advantage of deterioration in combination with smart devices that will replace washing maschines. New smart machines will not only clean but also fix and renew our smart clothing.

A memory bank
Can augmented clothing have memory? Of course it can. Augmented clothing is connected to the cloud and, as directed by us, stores, processes and interprets our behaviour and outputs.

A learning device.
Deep neural networks process the data absorved by our augmented clothing which gradually learns more and more about the way we move, act, react, etc. Augmented clothing becomes then an ally, a friend that anticipates our needs.

Your most important tool
We rarely think of clothing as a tool. Augmented clothing will be your best tool. When you have to explore, go to the jungle, jump into the water, sleep in the street, analyze and gather data about a location or group of people, etc, etc, your clothing will be your invisible tool, facilitating, gathering, analyzing, augmenting you in every way.

Yes, an inspiring future is around the corner. Now go explore our augmented store here.