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Unusual gifts that connect people

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Finding gift ideas that are unusual, that are out of the ordinary is really difficult.  When the mission is finding great gift ideas for him or her, our mind typically goes back to the tried and tested options.  Let’s think for a moment about two very clear categories of gifts.

  • There are gifts that add value to our lives, sometimes emotional value, sometimes tangible physical value.
  • And then, there are other kinds of gifts that connect us to others.

And in these exciting times in which we live, technology is allowing us to create gifts that both add value and also connect us to others around us. Isn’t that tremendously important? To feel connected to others? Cutting edge technologies like augmented reality are making this possible. Maybe you never thought about augmented reality gift ideas, but imagine.. combining the fun of playing a game with something that adds value to your life.

That’s part of our mission at Posterini. We create augmented reality gamified experiences that become great unusual gift ideas, augmented reality gift ideas for him or her, unusual surprises that will amaze your loved ones and their friends. Unusual augmented reality experiences can change the way you think about something as typical as a piece of clothing. Wearing clothes passively will one day be a thing of the past. Your clothes are a fabulous gameboard where unusual experiences of all kinds can take place.

Augmented reality clothing becomes a bridge between you and others through the unusual augmented experiences that you all share. Our emphasis at Posterini is to provide experiences that are as easy as possible to access and activate. That’s why you don’t need to install anything with our experiences. All you need is a phone and its web browser. So what would be your favourite unusual gift idea for him or her? What kind of unusual augmented reality experience or game would transform the way you experience your clothes?

Feel free to write to us and suggest new experiences you would like to have with your clothes.

And check our new collection at our store.