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Social Media Day: 5 reasons Social Media can kill you (inside)

Social Media Day Facebook Dangers

At the poster maker app we love social media. It’s a great tool to market and distribute what you create with an online flyer maker such as But every powerful tool has its dangers. The time people are spending every day on social media keeps increasing. Fact is, we are talking about a big chunk of people’s lives. And it keeps growing! There must be a reason for that. Of course, social media is fun, it is easy, it is also.. addictive! Let’s stand back for a second on this social media day and remind ourselves about the dangers of social media, about the way it can gradually kill you inside, the way it can affect your thinking and your soul.

The Ego Machine.

Facebook is typically a celebration of.. celebrations! With exceptions, a big part of Facebook is all about showing off. This has a clear effect on people. It inflates your ego, it gives you a false sense of importance, it pushes you to compare yourselves to others, it can make you envious. In summary, you may not realize about it but a bigger ego often correlates with more unhappiness, that subtle kind of unhappiness that is often hidden beneath all the noise our ego makes.

Quantity vs Quality

Facebook is all about interacting with people, lots of people, more people! Getting lots of likes and comments, devouring tons of news. But our time is limited. The more quantity, the less quality. Your life is maybe becoming poorer and you may not be realizing. Become more aware on this social media day.

A giant distortion field

The fact is that using Facebook gives you a completely false impression of everybody’s lives. One day, somebody saw one of my facebook posts and assumed that I was in a certain emotional state because of it, when in reality I was feeling the opposite! If we have to talk about fake news, the entire Facebook network is a kind of fake network, a giant distortion field that has little to do with face to face reality.

The wrong focus

Facebook pushes you to focus on what others have. That way, it is easy to forget what you already have, all the good stuff that is present right now in your life. You become unhappier because you are focusing your attention on the wrong places.

The hidden addiction

Finally, as you probably already know, intensive use of Facebook is addictive, by design. Do you want to waste a big chunk of your time on a giant distortion field? or would you prefer living a real life? Facebook is a wonderful tool. I use it to stay in touch with all my friends around the world. But every powerful tool has two sides, a useful one and a dangerous one. It is very important to become conscious of that dangerous side.

Social Media Day: Time to reflect
Observe yourself while you use Facebook and try to remember that:

  • Life is never as shiny or perfect as it looks on Facebook. Life is wonderfully imperfect, dirty, unpredictable and surprising.
  • It’s better to cultivate a few quality relationships than too many shallow ones.
  • If you want to get closer to the truth, you won’t find it on Facebook posts.
  • Don’t forget to look inside yourself and appreciate all the good stuff you already have in your life.
  • All addictions are dangerous. Facebook is a wonderful tool as long as you limit its usage and keep it controlled.

Happy social media day! Keep on designing great posters and flyers at