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The role of design in the success of a casino

How does design play an important role in the success of a casino?
In all business markets, the way the brand is represented plays a massive part in how successful the company will be. The design of the brand is massively important in any industry, as this is the how the consumer will associated the product to the company and this is no different in with casinos. Take Caesar’s Palace, for example, although the logo may seem a very simple design, it is highly effective. The use of block writing with no curvature creates links back to the Roman period of Julius Caesar and incorporates a silhouette of the leader which was seen on the currency of the time, to ensure all details are in fitting with the “brand” name.
The same can be said for online casinos such as,
as they need to produce a logo which can evoke positivity and safety for their customers. It is believed that different colours can trigger a variety of emotions so implementing a pallet of colours would make the site more appealing through its logo. For example, red is a very physical colour and encourages excitement and strength, so would be a great colour use as gamers would see this as an attractive colour through their emotive psyche. However, yellow is said to be an emotive colour highlighting confidence and optimism, and black brings out sophistication, so choosing the correct colour on the design of a logo needs to be carefully considered.
An interesting and original online casino logo will be memorable for gamers, leading to people remembering the site name and encouraging them to try it out. The traditional imagery used would be the likes of poker chips, or a roulette wheel, to entice gamers in with casino themed objects. However, if partnered with the correct colours, any image could become more appealing.
The overall design of a casino is a psychological exercise, and involves complex process to ensure there is an atmosphere to encourage gaming.