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The Best Online Poster Maker for Students

It´s time to unleash your creativity. gives you the most flexible online poster maker for students to practice design skills while they create awesome educational posters and flyers. Let´s review 5 ways in which Posterini reinforces the creativity of students around the world.

Quick templates

Posterini gives you quick templates of a variety of topics. Grab one, edit it as you like and you can have a fully finished poster in a matter of a few minutes. You can even propose new online poster templates to our team, which we will incorporate into our system after we review them.

Brainstorming skills is the only online poster maker for students that offers also brainstorming capabilities in their advanced account types. Students can launch random verbal stimuli from a huge database to stimulate their creative thinking and create novel associations and connections with the topic of their poster. Furthermore, our online poster maker for students gives you as well free daily passes to try T4I,, the best brainstorming platform in the world and its associated, the torch innovation methodology that powers it all.

Photoshop like flexibility

We give you a lot of features and power in a compact, easy to use package. Students can manipulate texts and images in many different ways. It is like using photoshop but so much simpler and easier to use.

Associated web pages

Even more, each student gets an associated web page to display and share the created poster. It is very easy to share the URL of the poster and they can even get comments from other students and teachers on that very same page!

Help is always nearby

We care for your satisfaction. You can email us at at any time and we will be there soon to answer your questions. This is an online poster maker for students that cares about education and educators. We want to contribute to make your experience as great as possible.

Your online poster maker for students

We are always here to listen to you, visual creativity and expression estimulates creative thinking and helps students and educators communicate in deeper ways their messages and projects.