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Making a great movie poster with Posterini’s movie poster maker

make movie poster online with our movie poster maker

The movie poster maker at gives you awesome professional templates to create amazing movie posters, give some of them a try here:

Science Fiction Movie Template

Girly Cute Film Template

Drama Movie Template

Adventure Film Template

Action Movie Film Template

Thousands of users have created amazing movie posters to promote their movies, projects and media productions with our movie poster maker. (Start your own one today at ). This gives us a great perspective to analyze and understand what makes a movie poster successful. Have in mind that your movie poster is the business card of your movie, it represents you and your product. Every part of the poster is important.

What is your favourite movie poster of all time? How do movie posters influence you in watching or not a movie? Where do you find great movie posters? A great movie poster condenses the feel and tone of a movie, it touches you at an emotional level and has to appeal to a wide range of ages and backgrounds. When creating a great movie poster have in mind these points:


Be simple, choose a main subject and display it big and bold, don’t confuse the audience.  Study where your eyes go the first time you look at the poster. Check with others. Are your eyes going to the most important part of the piece, or are other distractions taking your eyes away somewhere else?


Learn the rules of composition, the foundations of it all. Read a great book about it:

Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers

Create mystery.

Think of your poster as a story in itself, and think of the ingredients that great stories have: Mystery, contrast, conflict, turnarounds, twists, etc. Now take the first one, mystery, and think of the impact mystery can have in your poster. A poster that reveals too much is like a movie that reveals too much too soon, it fails to engage, it’s too easy.

Create mystery in your poster, open questions whose answers are yet to be revealed. Set up challenges that seem impossible to solve. Reveal riddles, trigger a discussion, surprise your viewers.

Be who you are

Highlight the main names involved in the movie but unless you are a hollywood production, don’t saturate your poster with too much text. Some film festivals don’t appreciate small films pretending to be large studios, be who you are and be proud of it. The Posterini movie poster maker allows you to find your own personal style within each project.

Legibility matters

What is the point of a great design if people cannot understand what the poster says?  Use drop shadows where necessary to make sure the text is legible. Drop shadows are a key friend that can solve many of the legibility problems your poster may have. Our movie poster maker gives you many options to choose from.

Contrast is king

Humans love contrast. Our brain loves contrast. Contrast helps us understand our environment, classify it, order it. Use bright and dark areas to attract the attention of audiences to the key parts of your poster. Avoid monotony, create variation, create patterns, play with that contrast.

Travel with us to the year 1950 in Spain to discover this great tool to make movie posters

Be bold

Your movie poster competes against thousands of others. Remember that we live in the age of saturation and competition is high. Therefore you need to be bold, in every way. Use broken textures, unusual visual treatments, surprise your audience, make something memorable, find the courage to be different.

Iterate through feedback loops

When you are trying to come up with something truly special, it is very hard to get it right the first time. You need to embrace the opinion and feedback of others.  Iterate, create a movie poster, get feedback from others, create another version, keep iterating until you are satisfied. If you find the feedback relevant and useful go ahead and integrate it into the project. In the end make sure you are happy with the end result because this is your product,  your work and your vision.

Learn from the Masters

Most great artists started analyzing and even copying the masters of their time. This is an intelligent strategy, a shortcut that can take your understanding to the next level.  Search in google images for movie posters, analyze your favourite ones, see what works and what doesn’t. The Posterini movie poster maker allows you to imitate some of the best designs out there in a matter of minutes.

Ask questions

A great way to learn and grow through the process is to cover some parts of your poster and see what the effect is. Why is this effective? Why is this not? Does the poster work better when i cover this part? If something doesn’t feel right which part is responsible for that? And if the poster feels great what is it exactly that makes it so great?

Quality matters

Filmmakers spend a lot of time thinking of the production of their movies, the color correction, the visual effects, but some of them spend little time thinking of the production of their poster and may even release posters with a range of technical issues.  Audiences will see your poster before they watch your movie. Your poster is your presentation card. In fact your poster may influence the decision of a person pondering if watching your movie or not. Refine your poster as much as your movie. Make sure the text is easy to read and understand. Spend time choosing the right background that fits with the message and the audience.

Your movie poster maker

Go make a great online movie poster at and try our amazing templates:

Science Fiction Movie Template

Girly Cute Film Template

Drama Movie Template

Adventure Film Template

Action Movie Film Template

Get a Great Book

Everything starts with composition and the foundations of storytelling, get a great book about composition such as this one:



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