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The Magic of Gaudi

When you walk in Casa Batlló in Barcelona, you experience architecture and you experience nature. Your perspective is forever transformed. Architecture becomes a living creature and nature blends with geometry to produce impossible shapes that combine functionality and aesthetics in magical ways.

Who wouldn´t like to live in a building that reminds you of waterfalls, streaming rays of light from the sun and organic textures? Gaudi´s love for nature permeates every one of his creations. His honesty as well. Gaudi knew that he wouldn´t live to see the Sagrada Familia cathedral finished and yet he committed to it for most of his life. Nature was food for his soul and through his talent he trascended time and space through his unique creations. Innovation is central in Gaudi´s works. What is really fascinating when you visit any of his creations is how he paid attention to every little tiny detail. There is an explanation for everything he did. Everything unites functionality and aesthetics in exquisite ways.

For example, in casa Batlló, the internal windows are smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. Visually it looks beautiful. But there is a practical functional reason as well. Less light arrives to the bottom of the house so the windows need to be larger. More light arrives at the top and the windows there can be smaller.


Antoni Gaudí and other geniuses like Albert Einstein, remind us that harmony and beauty is a key driver in life and that by exploring this harmony in nature, we can find solutions for many challenges we find in life.

When you make a poster in Posterini, put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. Create harmony and beauty with your design, inspire your audience, generate resonance with the hearts of those that contemplate your design. Be a student of mother nature, its shapes, compositions, colors, melodies and rhythms.

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